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We provide students with a healthy environment, gentle and enthusiastic care so that they can have a joyful experience in their preschool. It is precisely in these early years of education that the foundations are built that will make them good people. We strive to provide a positive environment for them to develop successfully.


Our literacy process is focused on the student being able to express his ideas and feelings, as well as interpreting the message of the texts he reads.


We seek that our students act effectively in diverse situations, developing competencies, skills and attitudes to perform successfully in the physical, social and emotional areas.


Some areas that we can highlight:

  • Scenario work

  • Project development

  • Virtues and Catholic Formation Program

  • Bilingual system for successful English learning

  • Competency-based learning

  • Psychomotor skills


Bringing the student's close environment to preschool gives the child security, since it allows him to predict what is going to happen around him.


In order to enhance the skills in our students, we have extracurricular academies that allow them to develop in different areas according to their abilities and preferences.

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