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A group of parents, interested in the education of their children and with concerns for an integral formation, approached Father Carlos Mora LC, to found a school. From this concern, the Cumbres San Javier Institute was born, characterized from its beginnings by a pedagogy of differentiated training focused on the success and positive leadership of its students, which at that time had boys and girls, although always characterized by separate education.

In the year 1986-1987, the Cumbres San Javier Institute began with some groups of preschool and first elementary school and gradually grew over the years until preschool, elementary, middle and high school were completed.

Since the founding of the school, a comprehensive education that includes the human, spiritual, intellectual and apostolic area was envisioned; seeking a personalized training that observes and accompanies the individuality of each student, in a continuous search for improvement to offer an education to face the world and training to change it.

During these years, multiple generations of boys have graduated who put their leadership at the service of society, transforming it positively.

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