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From preschool, our program is aimed at intense oral communication where listening and speaking opportunities are multiplied; playing with words, analyzing, comparing and repeating them allows children to incorporate the language into their daily lives. Thanks to literary fiction, our students tell their own stories, starting from the printed letter, although at the beginning they are not the ones who interpret them.

Successful pronunciation of the language is achieved in the preschool stage; For this reason, our program is very rich in songs and rhymes, since it is a very attractive medium for children, and encourages learning to occur naturally, as happens with the mother tongue.


In elementary school, our students discover the English language through the power of literature. The various literary genres of each of the readings motivate to deepen in the correct pronunciation, grammar in context, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency and writing. In higher grades this becomes the ability to write literary essays.


At higher levels, being bilingual means more than learning grammar rules and memorizing an endless list of verbs at different times. The type of English learning in our school occurs by presenting academic content in English in different subjects.


Our students are able to use the language in areas such as science, mathematics, algebra, history, chemistry, literature, as well as in public speaking and declamation; The development of language with a communicative and social approach is the true goal to be developed in our school, so that students can use it correctly to communicate their ideas and be active transformers for their own benefit and that of their community, thus strengthening the training areas spiritual, intellectual, human and apostolic.

Being bilingual allows our students access to different cultures. The more knowledge, the more developed the reasoning of a bilingual student will be. Therefore, they can be more creative, more flexible, and form a mind that is more open to the world and to others.

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