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At CUMBRES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SAN JAVIER we recognize the great responsibility we have to protect the integrity and dignity of each of our students.

The commitment of everyone in the school is to put all the means to ensure healthy and safe environments where the dignity of all people is respected and promoted, especially of each one of the minors who study at our school.

Today more than ever we know that abuse, regardless of its nature, causes deep pain and damages those who have suffered it, their family and the whole of society. This awareness has led us not only to have a Policy in this regard, but to ensure that each employee, without exception, knows, understands and lives it at all times.


Our Safe Environment Policy includes principles, rules and procedures to guarantee a safe environment and thereby prevent any abusive situation. This Policy has three sections:

  1. A code of conduct for all people who deal with minors, which aims to safeguard the physical, sexual, psychological and social integrity of each minor at school.

  2. A clear procedure to follow for the report and attention of transgressions to the established code of conduct.

  3. An implementation and verification guide of the Safe Environments Policy so that the aptitude and suitability of employees to work with minors is lived and reviewed.


All staff working at CUMBRES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SAN JAVIER are duly trained in politics, which means that they are aware of the seriousness of the abuse, actively work to prevent situations that may put students at risk and, if they have any report of abuse or a violation of the code of conduct, they know how to act with clear procedures that seek first to end it and then proceed in accordance with what the country's regulations require.


CUMBRES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SAN JAVIER has designated a Safe Environment Manager who acts as the first person responsible for ensuring that the staff is properly trained and that the Policy is properly exercised. In order to carry out his work, he is given constant training and supervision by the Safe Environments area of ​​the Semper Altius School Network.


We share the data of the person in charge of Safe Environments of this school:


NAME: Lic. Fabricio Martín



You can find out about the Safe Environment Policy of our school by clicking on the following link .


Prevention involves all of us, therefore, if you have a message about something that worries or worries you in relation to the topic of Safe Environments in our school, we invite you to contact us:

We appreciate your message.

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