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In response to changes in the world and our society and with the desire that our students are increasingly better prepared to enter university, in the Semper Altius Network schools we implement the Anáhuac Baccalaureate program, which seeks excellence in the different facets of the person: spiritual, human, intellectual and apostolic, the latter as the culmination of our educational program.


Our objectives are:

  • To train good people, with a positive sense of themselves, so that they act with initiative and coherence between what they are, what they believe and what they do.

  • Provide the necessary tools to develop all the intellectual capacities of our students; a solid academic training and the facility to interact with other cultures, as well as the optimal command of languages ​​and technology.

  • Promote interest in sports as a means of forging their character.

  • Empower our students with leadership to face the world successfully.


The Anáhuac High School program in all its areas adopts an approach towards learning by competences through Training Projects, in which, with the teacher's guidance, the student puts into practice what they have learned to create a proposed resolution to a problem of the real life, resembling university and work practices.


The Anáhuac High School program has a high level of technology. Creativity and innovation are encouraged in the student through proper management of the leading software in the database market, digital image editing, animation creation, web design and editorial design, among others. In addition, robotics is incorporated into the curriculum map to achieve the development of various skills.


Likewise, the opportunity is offered for students to obtain two international certifications that demonstrate, on the one hand, their level of English, and on the other, their knowledge in this language around an area of ​​labor specialization.


With The College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) program, students can choose to take the subject at the standard level or take the challenge of taking it at a level very similar to college. This gives you benefits such as obtaining a greater specialization in the area in which you have the greatest ability, facilitating your entry to universities abroad, and standing out in the international admission process.

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